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Life-Saving Strategies For Sure

Jean Hamburg is a unique blend of professional and colloquial, sophisticated and humble. She speaks truth in a voice that families can hear.

Cooperation Counts is a psychologically sophisticated, and therefore realistic, framework for bringing any family situation into greater coherence and caring. The book is well structured and accessible. More importantly, it is rooted in years of professional experience with families across the spectrum of income, culture and politics.

If you are buying one book for breakthrough parenting, choose this one. You'll turn the pages, you'll relate to the stories, and you'll find the methods eminently helpful.

- Melissa Everett, Ph.D.


Finally ... a manual for raising kids that really works!

This book is everything any parent has always wished for ... a truly effective, easy-to-follow, manual on raising kids!
The simplicity of the program is magical, and the results are amazing.

When my daughter, her husband, and 2 toddlers moved to the East Coast 4 years ago, they realized they needed help dealing with some very challenging issues with their kids.

Jean Hamburg introduced them to her "Cooperation Counts" program.
It really works! My daughter and family are now a perfect example of how effective it is.

Their 3rd child will turn two years old next month. By the age of one, he had totally embraced the concept of cooperating to the "count" of 1,2,3.

This wonderful family of five is ongoing proof of how "Cooperation Counts"!

Thank you, Jean Hamburg!

- LindaInMHD



2006 was a sticky year for our family. At the end of a wonderful vacation, for some reason, we lost all self control over ice cream! We were tired and had just loaded the kids in the car for a ten hour drive home when things avalanched into a total bicker-fest triggered by the KIND of ice cream we had purchased. It took an hour to collect ourselves and everyone's ice cream had melted all over, even in our hair!

Later that same year we tasted Cooperation Counts. Yummy! Quickly we learned Jean's methodology, saw the Light and broke through!!

Fast forward to 2011. Looking back, we were ALL unwittingly stuck in thoughtless behavior. If you want to learn cool parenting skills, get unstuck and enjoy your ice cream, we highly recommend Cooperation Counts!!! Thank heaven we found Jean! Now, CC is among our favorite flavors, YUMMY!

- Cooper


Cooperation Counts is for every parent

This book has helped me take the emotion out of parenting. As a parent of a preteen you always want them to make good choices. With the Cooperation Counts program the kids learn quickly that there are concequences to their choices. No more saying "just do it because I said so". The kids have the power to make their choices and the parents get to keep their sanity! Thank you Jean Hamburg

- TSilverman


Must Read for Parents!!!

This book outlines effective, easy to follow strategies for dealing with difficult situations and most of all, avoiding power struggles. This simple method works in real life situations. Truly Life-Saving. Thank you Jean Hamburg!!!

- Sara


Use the system-it works!

I have used Cooperation Counts in my practice and it has been very helpful with parents who have yearned to have a more positive relationship with their children. If used correctly, it takes away the power struggles between parents and children. Jean has been extremely helpful and available for consults when I get stuck, along with my families, in using Cooperation to it's fullest potential. I would highly recommend trying Cooperation Counts and buying this book as a new way of relating to your children.

- Ellen


If You're A Parent-Read This Book

What a great book! Jean Hamburg is an expert on families and parenting and she's hit the proverbial nail on the head with Cooperation Counts. It's a life saver. Simple, logical yet right on target.

- Nancy Crowder




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