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Temperatures are rising for parents, kids, teens, therapists, and teachers.


"The younger ones are doing whatever they please!"

"The older ones are, too!"

"We've tried charts, bribes and consequences. They still won't cooperate, unless maybe they want something!"

"Why won't the kids just behave?"

Sound Familiar?



The Cooperation Counts program can HELP!


Please share my story, Jean. Thank you so much for helping me and my family! We have gone from a house of pure chaos to a happy household. We are a family of 5 with 3 kids who are oh so different-in ages, personalities, and needs. Now I know ways to help everyone navigate through the tough times, and these moments are nothing compared to what we were dealing with before. One of the most powerful changes has been that now I know how to REALLY LISTEN to my children -when they are happy, and when they are not! You can get every diagnosis and all kinds of therapy, but one of the many important things I have learned is how to connect with my children. If that doesn’t happen we’re wasting time. And time is so precious!
Alyson from Winthrop, Ma.

Now we can enjoy each other-no matter what!
It is amazing the results we are seeing by using the parenting strategies you have shared with our family, Jean. What is happening is that we are all responding differently to each other with the ways we are communicating and the words we are choosing. I know that every day is not going to be easy, but we finally have respectful, kind, clear, effective and healthier ways of relating to each other. Thank you for helping my family to see the best in each other, and realizing that we are a great family even when there are the challenging times! Now we can enjoy each other-no matter what!
L.R. from Lynn, Ma.
Our family has more fun!!
We bought this book after it was recommended by another family. It has been a huge help in our family. We have integrated Jean's easy-to-learn system for our three children. They have now come to expect it. When Mom or Dad occasionally forget the system and revert back to old styles of discipline, they quickly remind us. My favorite part of Jean's book is that she encourages the health of the relationship with your children. This is something that can quickly go by the wayside and actually takes time and effort. After discipline is provided, the most important part is circling back at the appropriate time to LISTEN to your child about what may have driven a certain behavior. The bottom line is...we have way more fun and a lot less strife. Thanks Jean and Cooperation Counts. I highly recommend this book.
Jen O
It worked for us.....
Prior to reading Cooperation Counts, we were having a very challenging time with our kids. And it seemed to be getting worse. We started using Jean's book about two months ago. It is not an overnight cure but the results are were noticeable within one week. There is nothing complicated about the system which is precisely why I think it works. It has given us some effectively tools to deal with the drama that our boys can often create. The program is effective but you have to follow Jean's strategies (both the dos and the do nots). If you hit a road block, forget something, go back and read the book or a select chapter or two. The answers are there. So our children are much better behaved now - the nice thing is that they are unmistakably happier.
Ross (Bedford, MA)
An amazing amount of information in one little book. Finally a book that's easy to understand. Bravo!
Barb English

Jean Hamburg is a unique blend of professional and colloquial, sophisticated and humble. She speaks truth in a voice that families can hear.

Cooperation Counts is a psychologically sophisticated, and therefore realistic, framework for bringing any family situation into greater coherence and caring. The book is well structured and accessible. More importantly, it is rooted in years of professional experience with families across the spectrum of income, culture and politics.

If you are buying one book for breakthrough parenting, choose this one. You'll turn the pages, relate to the stories, and you'll find the methods eminently helpful.
Melissa Everett, Ph.D.

Jean Hamburg has a system for kids that really works. For a while I didn't think I would say that about any system, as it seemed that nothing would work, but after embracing and incorporating the Cooperation Counts system, we really created a whole new environment in our household - one with less yelling and believe it or not, more cooperation!

This is well worth a read. It just may change the way you interact with your kids, the way they interact with you, and the stress level for all.

Highly recommended!

This book is a must read for anyone who has kids or works with kids! Jean's recommendations really make sense. I've been working with her 3's and stars charts for over a year now and we are power struggle free!


2006 was a sticky year for our family. At the end of a wonderful vacation, for some reason, we lost all self control over ice cream! We were tired and had just loaded the kids in the car for a ten hour drive home when things avalanched into a total bicker-fest triggered by the KIND of ice cream we had purchased. It took an hour to collect ourselves and everyone's ice cream had melted all over, even in our hair!

Later that same year we tasted Cooperation Counts. Yummy! Quickly we learned Jean's methodology, saw the Light and broke through!!

Fast forward to 2011. Looking back, we were ALL unwittingly stuck in thoughtless behavior. If you want to learn cool parenting skills, get unstuck and enjoy your ice cream, we highly recommend Cooperation Counts!!! Thank heaven we found Jean! Now, CC is among our favorite flavors. YUMMY!


This book has helped me take the emotion out of parenting troubles. As a parent of a preteen you always want them to make good choices. With the Cooperation Counts program the kids learn quickly that there are consequences to their choices. No more saying "just do it because I said so". The kids have the power to make their choices and the parents get to keep their sanity!
Thank you Jean Hamburg


This book outlines effective, easy to follow strategies for dealing with difficult situations and most of all, avoiding power struggles. This simple method works in real life situations. Truly Life-Saving. Thank you Jean Hamburg!!!


This book is everything any parent has always wished for ... a truly effective, easy-to-follow, manual on raising kids! The simplicity of the program is magical, and the results are amazing.

When my daughter, her husband, and 2 toddlers moved to the East Coast 4 years ago, they realized they needed help dealing with some very challenging issues with their kids.

Jean Hamburg introduced them to her "Cooperation Counts" program.
It really works! My daughter and family are now a perfect example of how effective it is.

Their 3rd child will turn two years old next month. By the age of one, he had totally embraced the concept of cooperating to the "count" of 1,2,3.

This wonderful family of five is ongoing proof of how "Cooperation Counts"!
Thank you, Jean Hamburg!


Use The System - It Works!
I have used Cooperation Counts in my practice and it has been very helpful with parents who have yearned to have a more positive relationship with their children. If used correctly, it takes away the power struggles between parents and children. Jean has been extremely helpful and available for consults when I get stuck, along with my families, in using Cooperation to it's fullest potential. I would highly recommend trying Cooperation Counts and buying this book as a new way of relating to your children.

A Family Therapist's Review....
As a licensed therapist, I would highly recommend 'Cooperation Counts' and I have done so for many of my patients and seen great improvements! The author provides very practical and clinically sound advice that can utilized in MANY family situations. As a family therapist, there are exceptional tools offered and proven strategies that can help support and heal many families in need. It is an EXCELLENT investment for all families and its wonderful to have access to such a helpful resource as 'Cooperation Counts.'


I am the mom of 4 year old twins and this book has been life changing for me. It replaces power struggles since the children WANT to cooperate once they learn the system. It is also quick, fun, and easy to read. Goodbye chaos! Hello cooperation!!!!!!

This book literally turned our family dynamic around 100%! I had tried time outs, ignoring the behaviors, other "star" and chore charts and many other strategies to no avail. Cooperation counts focuses on rewarding positive behaviors, while taking the "heat" out of the moments of negative behaviors. I particularly found helpful that a negative behavior was identified, but consequence of that behavior was established later, not in the moment. This gave me as a parent relief and time to reflect on the behavior. My son proudly values his stars and can readily verbalize his positive behaviors. Much thanks to the author for turning our family around. I think every school counselor, teacher, and psychologist should have this as a reference tool!

I would recommend Cooperation Counts and Jean's technique as it really works when nothing else seems to do so. I was having a very difficult time with my son and getting him to listen to me. I was pretty much at my wits end when Jean came into our life. I was skeptical of her system at first becuase I had tried star charts and the like. However, Jean's system was different and really worked for us. It is a system which allows the child to make the choice and feel like he is in control and it rewards for good choices. I recommend this to all my friends how are having trouble with their kids.
"I work in a pediatric occupational, speech and sound therapy clinic; Cooperation Counts has been an invaluable resourse for our families. Jean Hamburg and the program outlined in her book are truly lifesavers! I have witnessed many families, who had been operating in crisis mode, become a cohesive loving family again, sometimes in as little as a few days. The language is simple and the program empowers all of the players, eliminating the need for power struggles. I highly recommend Cooperation Counts!!"
"I have to admit I was a little skeptical when someone recommended this book to me. I'm a single parent of a son who has multiple medical and psychological issues and I didn't think something this simple could possibly work. It does work! When we first met with Jean and she told my son that HE was in control of getting or not getting 3's, I could see his whole demeanor change. We have been following this system for 11 days and still no 3's! The other day I heard him telling his friend "there is no way I'm EVER getting a 3 dude, so stop asking me!" We are playing games and doing puzzles together and just plain ole enjoying each others company and having more fun. Yes this works. Get the book, read it, and start to enjoy your children again."
Jean has been helping with my son for a few years now, he has come a long way from his defiant days. This book combines her program "cooperation counts" and some of her personal expierences with the families she works with. I can honestly say this program has helped to enjoy our time together, he now knows we mean buisness! The counting clues did take some time to get use to, but now he only gets to 2. He knows when he gets to 3 its a time out, then a 3 on his chart... the work off can be anything from time taken away from video games/playing outside/group activity, to not going to the store when I go with my other 2 children.He also has a star chart, for when he follows directions and does well with every day tasks.When he fills his star chart he gets a toy or gets minutes added to his playtime.If you want to try this program you need to keep working at it and dont get lazy with the 3's and the stars.You will see progress the more effort you put towards the program.
Jean has been a tremendous resource. Her approach is easy for busy parents and children to learn and implement. It's a basic structured framework for discipline with rewards and consequences. We have used her approach consistently for 13 months because it is effective, helps our child learn to make good choices and is easy to follow. This program works for children with varying developmental needs and of different ages. The concise and respectful approach to communication can be helpful for children with language processing and impulse control challenges.

We have eagerly anticipated the publication of the book. The book is well written and divided into short sections that a busy parent can read 10 minutes at a time.

I recommend her website to gain a perspective on the program and see how the charts work:

If You're A Parent-Read This Book
What a great book! Jean Hamburg is an expert on families and parenting and she's hit the proverbial nail on the head with Cooperation Counts. It's a life- saver. Simple, logical yet right on target.
Nancy Crowder
Very Helpful Book
This book gives parents the tools to focus on and reward the good behavior of their children, rather than get in a rut picking at the not-so-nice behaviors. The end result is a happier and healthier home for everyone! Easy to read, easy to implement. Highly recommended!
We were just becoming ineffective
After feeling like we were just spinning our wheels and yelling too much we started the cooperation counts program of Stars and 3's. While life is complicated and we are not without our bumps in the road I really feel like I am happier around my children. I can reward them for being good more often then I need to give out counting clues or 3's. The best thing is that the kids really seem to understand the program and we have a structure to use in everyday household management.
Ron and Kirsten
Expert Advice
Cooperation Counts is a parent-friendly expert compilation of Jean Hamburg's approach to changing children's behavior. The book, insightful and brilliant in depicting Jean's customized behavior modification techniques, can dramatically change the dynamics in any family. A must-have guide to a more serene household in the 21st century.
Tanya Hefets Certified Speech Language Pathologist
What a turn around!
Cooperation Counts was definitely a life saver for our family. This book will truly make a difference in anyone's life if they just follow the simply guidelines. This book is an easy read and will produce almost miraculous results. We were at our wit's end, often times near tears. A very difficult child can be transformed in a relatively short amount of time. Thank you Jean Hamburg for such a wonderful book!
Stars for Cooperation Counts!
We learned of Cooperation Counts after our 4 year old was diagnosed with ADHD. At the time there was alot of frustration and we were all at the end of our rope due to her out of control behavior. Jean Hamburg's Cooperation Counts program was simple to put into effect(so easy to learn) and we could see changes right away.

We have four children and what used to work for them did not work for her. Our former method of discipline consisted of threats and punishment. Now when we want to see different choices we use counting clues and sometimes sadly they choose to get a three. Three choices can be worked off immediately or some time later when something is important. For our four year old this has helped her to take control of her impulses and actions. This has made a HUGE difference in her and our family life. Her behavior becomes her choice and not our struggle to make her obey. Star choices are praised and rewarded!

Everyone who works with our daughter is told how to use the Cooperation Counts program. They are always thrilled with having a simple and effective tool to help her make star choices. In fact, her preschool teachers use star's and three's with all the children because of how well it works. It is a rare day when she comes home with a three. Her big sister's give her sister stars when she is nice and making kind choices.

We give Miss Jean a BIG STAR for teaching us Cooperation Counts. THANK YOU!
Andover Mom

Heartily Recommended!
I am a pediatric neuropsychologist who provides consultation regarding a wide variety of neurocognitive, emotional, and behavioral concerns. I heartily recommend "Cooperation Counts!" It is a wonderful book that presents practical and easy to learn methods to address challenging and problematic child and adolescent behavior. It is also full of great examples and scripts to aid parents in applying the methods across a variety of situations, and it is shared in an optimistic and often humorous way.
Donna R. Marks


The Miracle Worker!
I have observed in therapeutic practice the miraculous change effected by Jean Hamburg's Cooperation Counts" program. Jean, I'm so glad you finally put it in book form!! The behavioral wisdom contained within is a lifesaver for families, enhancing strengths and extinquishing the undesirable behaviors in a fun and non-threatening manner. Jean, you are truly a miracle worker!

Effective Technicques to help your child cooperate, and for you to set limits.

This book is incredibly helpful to give you techniques for making life with your child/ren much more pleasant. It is written in a very straightforward manner and with humor. It is an easy read and very much worth your time! I would recommend it to any parent whether they are having difficulties or not. Jean even comes to your house and works wonders - then you have the tools to do it yourself. I have tried other techniques and these are the most effective! Our family thanks you so much, Jean!



  Cooperation Counts

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